be aligned

So…you’ve been working diligently to become clear on just who you are, what you want, and what your life purpose is. You have been on a mission to reflect and rejuvenate your day-to-day day presence. But how do you begin to organize all of this hard work in order to achieve your goals? It all begins with the word “alignment;” and of course having a little faith that if you ask the universe for help, it will listen.

The Universe exists and operates by vibration. As with everything, these vibrational frequencies directly affect your state of mind and your state of being.

Have you ever been to a dance club or party where the music is so loud you feel it? I don’t mean just the beat in your head. Sometimes you can literally feel the vibrations of the music in the floor or other objects. Sometimes you even go home, lay your head on your pillow, and still feel the vibrations of the music. Vibrations are oscillating motions around a fixed position. Believe it or not, even a rock vibrates.

Every time we experience a thought, positive or negative, we are sending an oscillating vibration into the Universe. The point being, choose the tone of your “ask” to the Universe wisely.

Be aware of your thoughts. They create your reality. If you find yourself thinking about how much you hate your job or an upcoming task, the Universe hears you. If you routinely second-guess your talents and abilities, the Universe hears you loud and clear. When your thoughts are consumed with negative and limiting beliefs, there is no need for goals and dreams. That doesn’t sound very pleasant now, does it?

Conversely, when you align yourself with positive intentions and begin following a confident, decisive path, you will get massive amounts of support and help from the Universe. Think in a manner that enables the Universe to conspire to help you achieve what you desire.

Learn to be accountable for your actions, but at the same time, still be kind to yourself. Often, it is difficult to own certain life scenarios with grace, but once we own our actions and make a point to do so, we can move forward, dismiss the need to control certain situations and fully trust in the Universe. Keep a constant and steady dialogue with the Universe and learn to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Here are 5 steps designed to help you Be Aligned:

1. Get clear and set your intention on the passions, values and life purpose you have worked hard to define (If you haven’t defined those important components yet, let’s get to work!)

2.  Be open to the possibility that the Universe will support you when aligned with who you are.

3. Be aware of your thoughts and realize that they create your reality.

4. When faced with a choice, a tough decision or opportunity, choose in favor of your passions and values.

5. Remember that who you are being is more important than what you are doing.

We hope you enjoyed Be Aligned, the third in a series of blog posts that focus on enhancing one’s life purpose, goals and the ability to take positive action. Stay tuned for Terry’s next installment, Be True.

Posted on November 23, 2015 .