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Terry Sidford

Speaker | Author | Professional Coach

Inspiring Courage; The Secret to Extraordinary Achievement - Keynote Speech

What do you need to act with grace and strength no matter what doubts you have or adversities you face?

In this unique and dynamic presentation you’ll learn to:  

•  Just Say No' when asked to compromise your integrity.
•  Never disqualify yourself so you consistently get in the big game.
•  Identify and share your empowering story.
•  Enhance the courage of everyone around you.

Permission to Be Courageous & Change

Your Story — Keynote Speech

The story you tell yourself, and the world, does not have to define you. Terry uses powerful writing and visualization exercises to teach you how to:

•   Your current story doesn’t have to define your life.
•   Discover the courage you don’t realize that you already have.
•   Use this new-found courage to open up new perspectives.
•   Give yourself permission to rewrite the next chapter of your life.

Be the Driver of Your Life or Business — Keynote Speech

Do you ever find yourself out of control and not having the confidence to make decisions? You can go from the backseat to being the driver of your life and business. With these 4 powerful tools Terry shows you how to:

•  Clarify what is most important to you.
•  Uncover and eliminate the roadblocks getting in the way?
•  Discover the power of what you believe.
•  Choose a support system that is right for you.

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Terry is available to work with your company, organization or retreat as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. She inspires, stimulates new perspectives and creates a lasting experience by helping you aligning your core values, passions, purpose, balance with your courage to live your best life. 

Please contact Terry for details:

telephone:  801.971.5039  

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Finding Your Courage Teaser

Permission to be Courageous Introduction

Terry's TEDx Talk

"Permission To Be Courageous"

Keynote - Park City Talks

“Inspiring Courage; Facing Challenges with Grace and Strength”

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