one hundred hearts

WOMEN ROCK. If you doubt that, read the stories of ordinary women who found they had extraordinary courage. In the everyday lives of women, challenges such as relationships, money, health, and family often keep us from becoming all we imagine. You will see yourself, your friends, and relatives in these stories and they will inspire you to look deeper and go further than ever before. Before you turn the last page, you will know that YOU rock.

At some point in your life, you’ve probably faced adversity that made you question your ability to go on. But you did go on, and since then:

  • How would you define courage?
  • Was there a defining moment that made you who you are today?
  • What do you want other women to know?

One Hundred Hearts shares the deeply introspective responses to these and other questions answered by one hundred women. Through their answers, stories of ordinary women and their extraordinary courage come to life. You’ll laugh with them, cry with them, and see yourself in their journeys. Individually, the women you meet in this book display incredible courage. Collectively, they inspire you to appreciate the courage you demonstrate in your own life on a daily basis.

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Praise for one hundred hearts

"It is hard for me to find the words for how much I love this book, the stories, the process it took to create.  I believe every woman should have an opportunity to delve into the stories told in One Hundred HEARTS. They are the stories of every woman around you. Not only is this book an inspiration for woman, it is also a moving guide for men, husbands, and sons. The more clearly men understand our voices, the more clearly they will champion the change needed to honor all woman of this world. The benefaction of a woman (and their work as mothers, partners, wives, co-workers, etc.) is so incredibly undervalued, not only by men, but sadly also by other women. The contributions and courage a woman gives this world is beyond measure. The legacy most women hold is arduously giving to everyone, but themselves, for most of their lives. Pressured to be perfect, to please everyone around us, to nurture everyone around us, and take care of everyone around us, we forget about ourselves. It is not until most of us hit our late 30s to 40s that we truly begin to seek and honor our truths and ourselves. One Hundred HEARTS has flawlessly captured these truths we hold within and reminds us that we need to champion every woman around us. Encourage women, invest in them, and most of all to encourage and invest in ourselves. Remember the stories in One Hundred HEARTS and dig deep with those around you… they may be yearning for YOU to hear the stories of their HEART." 

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"Triumphant, Courageous & Inspiring. Terry Sidford's 100 Hearts takes you on a journey one heart at a time. "

CHERYL BURGET  Founder of Your Intended Life

Excerpt from Tanya’s Story in 100 Hearts:

The door to the garage slammed shut. He was inside the house. In the shadows, Tanya quickly turned onto her side. She could see Mick’s silhouette when he came through the bedroom door. She consciously slowed her breathing, hoping he would think she was asleep so he wouldn’t accuse her of waiting up to start a fight. She willed every cell of her body to listen intently, sensing for cues of what was about to come...