realigning your purpose

Experience a powerful group process that will put you on the
path toward fulfilling your dreams and passions.

Calibrate your internal compass so it guides you to your "True North."

“Supportive environment for accelerated growth.”


Join Terry Sidford, acclaimed international TEDx speaker, dual-certified coach, Passion Test facilitator, author of One Hundred Hearts, for an experiential and interactive one or two-day group retreat. Over the course of the retreat, you will discover your passions that will lead to your life purpose, how to connect with your authentic self and sense of aliveness, and head toward your full potential.

Ask yourself: 

  • Do you have a roadmap to fulfilling your dreams and living life to your fullest potential?

  • Do you want to align with your internal compass so that it will keep you centered and on your soul’s journey?

  • Are you ready to recognize and dissolve old beliefs and negative thought patterns standing in the way of your full expression?

  • Are you looking to connect more deeply with your best self, family, and community?

To answer these questions, you must look to your True North—your internal orienting point of reference that brings you back into balance when you feel lost or off-track. Your True North is unique to you and represents who you are at your deepest core. During the True North group experience, you will learn to master the tools that unravel old beliefs and negative thought patterns that keep you stuck in the unsatisfying status quo of your life. You will experience the exhilaration that comes from identifying your passions and articulating your life's purpose, then creating step-by-step goals to ensure you live a fully expressive life.

As a result of your participation on True North you will:

  • Learn to directly face the deeply held beliefs that keep you from loving your life. Connect to your passions, values and principles to lead your life.

  • Experience the life-changing results of the True North process while being in a supportive, trusting environment.

  • Feel a lasting sense of freedom and excitement that will infuse your life, giving you wings to soar higher than you ever thought possible.

  • Opportunity to utilize six months of follow up support to assist you with staying on your course to success.

It takes courage to be whom you are meant to be and live your life to your full potential. It can be as easy as deciding it is possible and that you deserve it!

Please apply to attend and we will notify you with dates.

A day of accelerated growth and insight into your true life's purpose.
Collaborate with your tribe of like-minded thinkers.


Terry Sidford’s professional title should be “Beacon.” She offers herself up as a light that simultaneously leads the way and illuminates the present. Her life’s purpose is to clear away the darkness that keeps individuals from clearly seeing their own unique path to achieving their dreams and expressing their passions. It is her greatest joy to assist others in unleashing their full potential and live their lives to the fullest.

International TEDx Speaker, Professionally trained and dual-certified by Coaches Training Institute and International Coaching Federation and Author of One Hundred Hearts. She has spent over half her life acquiring the knowledge and experience that qualify her to guide others. The evidence of her success is demonstrated by scores of testimonials from clients who have changed the trajectory of their lives through Terry’s leadership and counsel. Even more importantly, she passes the ultimate test of a Life Coach’s credibility: she has crafted her own life into her highest vision of fulfillment and happiness.

“Whether I’m working with a group of a hundred or one individual, I strive for lasting results. I feel that each person’s recognition of their own profound power and wisdom is the path to their own happiness, as well as a positive change in the world. Whether someone takes a lifetime or an instant to gain that insight, I want to be by their side with all that I am every step of the way.” — Terry Sidford

Terry Sidford’s resume is broad and well rounded. She is a TEDx speaker, sought-after for a wide variety of groups, certified Passion Test facilitator, accredited Pilates instructor, and licensed real estate agent. Author of One Hundred Hearts, a collection of short stories based on real women’s lives that offer hope and courage to everyone. Her newsletter is subscribed to by hundreds of people eager to find inspiration in her personal experiences and insights.

Terry was raised in Southern California currently she resides in Park City with her husband, Matthew, and has two sons, Alex and Connor. She loves spending time with her family in the outdoors skiing, running, hiking, playing tennis and traveling.