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heart to heart connections

What is a heart to heart connection?
What is it that connects us to others from the heart?

I believe it is our ability to give and receive love. We all have that ability and it is one thing that links us together. It is what connects us.

Do you see the heart connection in all people? Sometimes we let ourselves be fooled by outside appearances or behaviors and we miss the love that every human being possesses. Imagine if we viewed people as if they wore their heart on the outside; if their heartwas the first thing we noticed about them rather than their occupation, nationality, gender, demeanor, or social status.

If we treated everyone as if love was the most important common denominator and loved others as we want to be loved ­ we would change the world!

There is a story I would like to share with you. When I was 18, working in a Chiropractic office, we believed in the power of attraction. We set goals and visualized increasing our practice and met every one of our goals. We attracted mostly happy positive patients who wanted to get better.

One day we had an older lady walk in who was angry and mean. All she wanted to do was make others unhappy around her. She parked in the middle of the parking lot, making other patients upset. And she would yell at us as soon as she walked in the door. Instead of being at the affect of her, we all decided to flow her as much authentic love as we could.We started off with little things, like telling her how pretty herdress was. We would get a grunt out of her in response. We always remained pleasant and loving. We continued this for months.

Finally, one day she walked in smiling and gave us a gift! We knew that we changed her life. From that day on she was a changed person. Go out and make heart connections to your friends, family and strangers. Start with a smile and see their heart. Show them your heart and the connection begins.

Make February a heart connection month and not only change others lives but your own. Please share your results with me on my blog.

With a heartfelt connection to everyone who receives this newsletter. May love fill your heart and extend out to everyone around you.

Posted on February 2, 2017 and filed under Life Coaching.