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terry sidford and harriet castle

Have you have reached that point in your life when you ask yourself, ¨Is this really it? Is this my life…..” you want more meaning and purpose as you go about your daily life but deep down you are scared that this is as good as it gets.

Here’s the thing. You’re not alone.

Harriet Castle, the host of the interview series I’m speaking at, has many clients come to her with exactly this. The feeling of being stuck, like there must be more (but no sign of it), working hard but not getting ahead. That the dream they had for their life when they were growing up, is nowhere to be seen.

That’s why she created this series, to help thousands of people around the world get access to tips, tricks, life hacks and good advice from leading global experts. Experts who are bestselling authors, elite athletes, TEDx speakers and more.

Because you are member of my community, you’re invited as a special guest! You’ll have access to hear me and many other experts, plus get the Free Gifts they will be sharing with you.

This can be your first step to reclaiming your power, and start living the life YOU WANT. Now!

Click the button below to gain access to get The Confident Woman strategies, tips, hints, and action steps before it’s too late! The series is easy to access, and runs from December 4th, and is designed to fit into your busy schedule as each session is only 30 minutes!


join me: permission to be courageous talk


Please join me for a women's gathering to hear my new talk "Permission to Be Courageous & Change Your Story." My goal is to inspire you to give yourself permission to find your courage in your life and to see inspirational courage in others.

I am working on a "keynote talk", and would like to share this event with an intimate circle of friends whom I love and trust, and celebrate the connection we all have as women.

We are limiting invitations to 50.
Light appetizers & wine to follow talk.

Thank you to OP Rockwell-Rockwell Room, Zenzee & Jafflz for sponsoring this event.

For more info go to our Facebook Event page >>

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happy, healthy minds - part 1

Great news … I’m being published. 

Happy, Health Minds is being launched tomorrow on Amazon with a 3-day special (only AU$0.99 normally AU$9.99). The special starts tomorrow (Saturday) morning and ends Monday night  This eBook is created by Great Health Guide and is part of The Health Specialists’ Series.  So yep – just facts – no fads. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Here's a bit on the Health Specialist' Series

No matter who you speak to these days, everyone, even the dog, appears super busy, toiling away to get through their ever-growing to-do list, juggling life, family and work and wondering if they’ll be able to experience the luxury of having that little bit of time to themselves ever again.

If you’re more than a bit tired of feeling overwhelmed, overstretched or just plain exhausted, fear not, help is at hand in the form of Happy, Healthy Minds.

The last few decades have revealed a wealth of greater understanding of how the human brain works and of why we think and behave the way we do. But how is it possible to distinguish between the real science and neuromyth? Fake news is everywhere. Knowing what truly works to elevate mental performance, keeping us from flipping our lid, matters more today than ever before.

This is the reason why Happy, Health Minds has been created. By combining chapters from a number of recognised health professionals specialising in optimum brain function and psychology, this book can help you discover what it takes to maintain your cognitive and mental well-being to always function at your very best. I’m delighted to be one of the contributors.

Knowledge is power, and how you apply it is the spark to better thinking. As Jeffrey Eugenides, author of Middlesex wrote, ‘Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind.’

Dr Jenny Brockis
Medical doctor best-selling author

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Dear Friends,

Recently vulnerability has been showing up all over my life and in the lives of many people I know. So I am inspired to write about it.

“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.”   — Brene Brown

Life is at best a test of our fortitude and ability to endure the many challenges it throws at us. There is, however, a gift presented in these challenges. It is the opportunity to be vulnerable. I have learned from my brilliant clients and my own life experiences and that this is where the gold within us lies.

heart copy.jpg

Many people see vulnerability as a weakness. We are raised to have a stiff upper lip and not show our emotions, our humanness or our feelings. People may think they will lose themselves, when in reality they will end up finding themselves. I believe that you become weak if you do not connect to your emotions and your heart. Vulnerability will point you in the direction of the place that is most sacred to you. Who you truly are can be found at the heart of your vulnerability.

Why are we afraid to feel vulnerable? Revealing our most sacred place by wearing your heart on our sleeve can be very uncomfortable. We all want to be seen and heard for whom we are. But we might be seen as weak or we may be misunderstood. It is difficult to let yourself, your true, deepest feelings surface and be shown, but it is necessary to learn who you are and to gain confidence in who you are.

I feel every emotion known to man and everyone else’s around me! There were times in my life that I did not want to feel everything. Particularly when I had lost everything I had to a con-artist boyfriend. I was living on my girlfriend’s couch with not a penny to my name. I buried my emotions so I would not feel the pain. What I realize now, is by not feeling the pain, I could not feel love and joy which is the core of who I am. I knew the most important thing I needed to do was to start feeling again.

The emotions of pain and joy are like two sides of a coin. On one side of the coin is pain; on the other, immense joy. These emotions connect to your soul. And you cannot feel one without feeling the other.

Here are some tools to help you feel all emotions:

1.  When feeling pain look it in the eye and feel it. If it is too overwhelming take a walk outside and come back to it when you are more calm. The trick is to also allow it to go away. If you hold onto it too long it is not healthy. What I have found is feeling it instead of burring it allows it to go away much faster.

2.  Create a support system for yourself so when you feel vulnerable, you have a safe place to be. Find a friend or a coach to allow you a safe environment.

3. Notice that when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and feel the array of emotions associated with vulnerability you feel more connected to YOU and can in turn feel more joy.

4.  Notice how you are allowing others to be more vulnerable the more vulnerable you are.

It takes courage to be human and to experience all of life which includes being strong, persistent, loving and vulnerable … all at the same time.

With love and appreciation,

Create Your Life Coaching has specific tools that can help with vulnerability issues, call or email today to book your complimentary session.



watch terry's courage talk


Terry Sidford's "Courage Talk" shares stories of ordinary women showing outstanding courage in difficult times. She also shares stories of her own life experiences where she somehow found courage to muster through. "Courage Talk" will inspire you to find courage in your own daily life and also see the inspirational courage in others so that you can encourage them.

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heart to heart connections

What is a heart to heart connection?
What is it that connects us to others from the heart?

I believe it is our ability to give and receive love. We all have that ability and it is one thing that links us together. It is what connects us.

Do you see the heart connection in all people? Sometimes we let ourselves be fooled by outside appearances or behaviors and we miss the love that every human being possesses. Imagine if we viewed people as if they wore their heart on the outside; if their heartwas the first thing we noticed about them rather than their occupation, nationality, gender, demeanor, or social status.

If we treated everyone as if love was the most important common denominator and loved others as we want to be loved ­ we would change the world!

There is a story I would like to share with you. When I was 18, working in a Chiropractic office, we believed in the power of attraction. We set goals and visualized increasing our practice and met every one of our goals. We attracted mostly happy positive patients who wanted to get better.

One day we had an older lady walk in who was angry and mean. All she wanted to do was make others unhappy around her. She parked in the middle of the parking lot, making other patients upset. And she would yell at us as soon as she walked in the door. Instead of being at the affect of her, we all decided to flow her as much authentic love as we could.We started off with little things, like telling her how pretty herdress was. We would get a grunt out of her in response. We always remained pleasant and loving. We continued this for months.

Finally, one day she walked in smiling and gave us a gift! We knew that we changed her life. From that day on she was a changed person. Go out and make heart connections to your friends, family and strangers. Start with a smile and see their heart. Show them your heart and the connection begins.

Make February a heart connection month and not only change others lives but your own. Please share your results with me on my blog.

With a heartfelt connection to everyone who receives this newsletter. May love fill your heart and extend out to everyone around you.

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