the truth never lies

My world changed recently with a new awareness about something I feel we all are faced with every day: Truth.

The past few months I was in a funk, feeling as if I was not able to take the next step I needed in my career. Everything started to feel stressful, heavy and cloudy. As a life coach, I knew this is not the headspace one should be in, nor a space that the universe likes to create for you.

At the same time, I was coaching with my Mentor Master Coach, (coaches need coaches, too!), and I kept noticing the subject of truth started to show up everywhere. Not only was it happening in my own sessions, but also my own clients were talking about truth during our coaching sessions as well. I knew instinctively this was not by accident. During one notable session with my Master Coach, we talked about the importance of our clients trusting us. We then looked at how important it is to trust ourselves in order for others to trust us. What a concept!

I want to take this opportunity to share what transformations are available when we allow space and time to let new perspectives show up in our lives.

I first looked within myself and simply asked, "What would I tell my client?" The answer was as simple as two words: "Let go." Let go of the “must have” on any particular outcome. Let go of the stress or tension around your desire to create something. Let go and trust that life has good intentions to support you. If you don't let go to the idea of other possibilities, you'll never see that the best solution might be right in front of you. This is where you get out of your head and into your heart and intuition. Trust plays a big role here. Most people are stressed because they cannot let go of anything in their life, but life just doesn't work that way. One often finds that the tighter you grasp onto whatever it is that you think you can't live without, it is actually the same thing that is blocking your path or may be the thing clouding the picture or path laid out for you.

I tell my clients to use the formula: "Attention, Intention and No Tension." Attention is getting clear on what you want. Intention is taking action towards what you want. No tension is letting go, staying in a calm place and trusting the correct outcome will come to you. Most people miss the third step, trying to force a situation that is not in alignment with the truth. I took my own advice.

I let go of all control of any outcome. I made a conscious intention that I would receive the answer.  When I was inspired, I would take a small step forward in the direction I thought I should go, and then I continued to "let go." For example, when I was creating the cover for my book, One Hundred Hearts, I had a picture in my mind on how it should look. I contacted a designer, who proceeded to send me four drafts that were nothing like I pictured. I started feeling stressed and anxious, and then used my own advice and let go of any worry and waited for the right answer. The next draft was even better than the picture I had in my mind. The Universe sent me something even better.

One turning point was while I was doing good old-fashioned homework. My Master Coach had me write two lists: one that listed how I could trust more in others and one listing ways I could trust more in myself. It was a revealing process. I discovered I did have a level of self-doubt that caused me to not trust others and myself, of which I was completely unaware. I thought I had done all the work needed in this area, and was the most trusting person there was. The problem was, I did not trust myself 100 percent. This realization set off a dramatic shift inside causing me to immediately begin trusting myself, striving for that goal of trusting myself always 100 percent. That shift opened all the doors inside me that had been shut the past few months.

On the other side of the door was clarity. I immediately began trusting my knowingness, my instincts, and my confidence, and perhaps most importantly, I rediscovered my ability to help my clients find their truth so that I could create even more trust with them. I must admit that fully carrying out my own advice wasn't an overnight process, but rather, a process that took several months for me. But here I am now, trusting myself to go out and do and be who I know I am meant to be in my professional and personal life.

I've always connected to a quote that I think fits perfectly for this conversation: “Unless your heart, your soul, and your whole being are behind every decision you make, the words from your mouth will be empty, and each action will be meaningless. Truth and confidence are the roots of happiness." –  Anonymous

I invite you to join me in opening a few doors of your own, and unlock the truth and confidence that is waiting to burst out. But how do you take that first step toward letting go that I've been talking about? We all know the first step can sometimes be the hardest. First, take some time to do the same trust exercise that I did. Start with writing down a few ways you, too, can be more trusting with others. Perhaps ask yourself, "When do I not trust myself around others?" or "When do I feel others are not trustworthy?" Second, make a list of how you can be more trusting with yourself. "How can I trust myself more?" and "How can I show up fully in my life?"

Be sure to allow yourself space and time in order to gain new perspective, then step back and be ready as the doors open for you, too. "Let go" of old ideas and let the magic begin!

With love, magic and truth,


Posted on June 8, 2016 .