life coaching testimonial

My Success Story

My journey with Terry started from a desperate google search. For the previous 6 months something had been building inside me. I was at the peak of my career. I had a loving, supportive, husband and two beautiful girls, but something was missing. I wasn't happy. 

Working in downtown Tempe, I passed a lot of homeless every day. I began to hand out bottles of water and meal replacement bars on my breaks at work. After a few weeks I realized that my moments with these strangers were the most peaceful, happy, parts of my day. I knew I needed a change. The problem is I am very good at change. Too good. So good that I raced from one thing to another at a full sprint with all my heart. Needless to say, this method wasn't working. 

One day I started google searching random "help me" words and I discovered the term life coach. I was contacted by Terry, and 5 minutes into our conversation I knew she was perfect for me. I didn't even take the calls from others. 

How My Life Has Changed

I always new that following your passions was important. I was throwing passion everywhere, but Terry helped me find my 5 core passions that are deeply a part of who I am. This is no small feat. These passions now serve as a compass through the choices I make for myself. Simply put, I know what choices will lead to happiness for me. 

The Embarrassing Truth

Two of the most powerful tools Terry helped me develop have to do with truths about ourselves that may be a little embarrassing to admit. For me, I always knew that I felt unhappy when I was not in control. I thought that part of myself was something I just had to deal with. Terry helped me develop a tool to recondition my feelings about control in a positive way. This tool has been fantastic. I look at it every day and also feel pride that I created it myself. 

Another truth about myself is I love praise. I need it or I forget the good and focus on the bad. Terry and I came up with the idea of a praise board. I write great things about myself on the whiteboard every day. The white board is displayed in the kitchen for me to constantly see. Working with Terry helped me understand that if you discover things that build you up, embrace them. Who cares if I have "you are an awesome Mom" in my kitchen. I am an awesome Mom and we should be good to ourselves. 

Thank you, Terry. 

Ashley Lanyi
Age 32, Mother of 2

Posted on February 8, 2016 .