be true

Have you ever heard the statement,
“Be Kind. Be Wise. Be True"?

The words "kind" and "wise" are clear and easy to define. But the word "true", now that’s where it gets a little blurry. We know the dictionary definition of true means; to be in accordance with fact or reality; accurate or exact. However to ‘be true to yourself’ is often subjective as it applies to each and every one of us differently.

Many of us have heard people tell us from a young age, “Be true to yourself.” But what does that piece of advice really mean? What is it to be true?

When you stop and think about it, our life is full of moments that depend on our ability to connect with our true self. But how do we connect with what that is?

Have you ever had that little voice inside trying to tell you what you should do, but you tend to brush it to the side or ignore it and follow the crowd – only to end up feeling terrible later, wishing you had listened to that little voice? When everyone is zigging and you feel compelled to zag, that is your true self, stomping its feet and waving its hands in the air, saying, hey, listen to me!  And those times you stop to listen are the times you are usually glad you did.

It takes courage to be true to yourself. Many times it requires big change, or taking a big risk. It’s a lot easier to rationalize why you shouldn’t do something than it is to take that leap of faith and follow your gut feelings. You can tell yourself that not following your dreams or being true to yourself isn’t sensible and put it off. You can say that you have other priorities that trump your ability to be true to yourself. But by doing this, you are only stifling your ability to grow into the person you were meant to be. Be true to yourself no matter what, even if it’s not right for someone else. The only one it needs to be right for is you.

No matter how scary or uncomfortable it might feel, you have to rely on your ‘gut feelings’ to determine what is right.  Being honest and true to yourself can be scary and uncomfortable and takes a tremendous amount of strength and courage.

Here are 5 things you can do to help you BE TRUE TO YOU.

1. Write a list of your obligations. Your only obligation of a lifetime is to be true to yourself. If you’re not at the top of your obligation list, put yourself there with a bold marker.

2. Take a look at the people you surround yourself with, friends, family, coworkers - If you’re being true to yourself and it isn’t enough for the people around you, change the people around you.

3. Write down the things you consider obstacles in your life. Ask yourself what the truth is about those obstacles. Are they real obstacles or obstacles you created?

4. What are your self-limiting thoughts?  Ask yourself why you do what you do.

5. Develop your own personal sense of ethics, and then stick to them no matter what others think or try to force you to do.

Acknowledge that what it means to honor your true self at this point in time may not be what it was yesterday and what it may be tomorrow. Give yourself permission to stick to your core values without limiting the ability to change and grow over time. It takes courage to be true to yourself. It is being brave enough to live life on your terms – a place nobody else has ever been. You will discover yourself when you decide to push beyond your comfort zone and become the person you were always meant to be.

Posted on January 1, 2016 .