new year, new story

Today is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.

Life is like a book. Some chapters are sad, some happy and some very exciting. But, if you never turn the page, you’ll never know what the next chapter holds.

Our lives are like a novel, with a beginning, chapters and a conclusion. We are the authors of our being and create the story we choose to live. Undoubtedly, that story will be filled with an exciting plot and a whole host of interesting chapters. At times, our plot shifts, ebbs and flows. There are peaks to climb and valleys to explore, and not all are amenable, all of the time. It is the perspective we choose to look upon those daunting chapters with that emblazon the story upon our minds.

If you look at your life with the realization that you are the author of your own story, what is the title of your book? What chapter are you living now? What chapter do you want to write for 2016? Develop a clear picture of your intentions for the upcoming year. Write them out as if they have already happened, just like a documentary. This is your life story. Set those intentions, throw them out to the Universe and watch them manifest.

Have fun thinking about your next chapter. Write the outline with your intentions and get clear on the picture you want to create. Feel it, experience it, and visualize it!

We cannot control everything in life, but we can control our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. You can choose to edit and re-write your previous chapters and create new ones. Prepare to get down and dirty. This is hard, but gratifying work. It takes focus, awareness and persistence to re-train your brain and physically change the make-up of the neurons that control your thoughts, emotions and ultimately your beliefs about yourself and life.

Embark on the challenge to experience this work with all of your being; to create miracles and magic. I have seen this happen to many people and have seen it work in my own life. It begins by asking the question, “Is it possible?” and watching this question evolve to, “Yes, it is possible,” and “Yes, it is happening!”

Take actor Michael J. Fox for example. Michael knew he wanted to be an actor from a very young age. Since his early teenage years, he showed a love for the creative side of life by drawing pictures, writing stories, playing the guitar and performing in drama and theater arts. At the age of 16, he was already making $600 a week for acting in a Canadian sitcom. This didn’t come easy. It came because he was dedicated and steadfast. He kept throwing spaghetti on the wall and his hard work made it stick.

In Michael’s twenties, he moved from Vancouver, British Columbia to Los Angeles. He found himself broke and unable to pay his rent or buy food to eat. Michael’s family and friends wanted him to move back to Canada and get another job. He refused to go home because he knew in his heart he could be the successful actor he was meant to be. And we all know where that led! What would we do had Alex P. Keaton, Marty McFly and a host of other characters played by Michael, not graced our movie and television screens?

But Michael’s story hasn’t only been filled with chapters of joy and success. As many are aware, in 1991, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. In true Michael fashion, rather than giving up and settling into the negative chapter of his life story, he spun it into something positive and inspiring. Michael uses his celebrity to create awareness and fund research in order to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. He has chosen to rewrite his story. When he was facing his bleakest chapter, he chose to persevere and find the light in the darkness.

“I see possibilities in everything. For everything that’s taken away, something of greater value has been given,” says Michael.

So, is it possible – Heck Yes, IT’S POSSIBLE!

You are more courageous, powerful and able than you think. We only use one third of our capabilities because we have been programmed to think we are only capable of doing, being or creating what we were told or witnessed out in the world. Why aren’t we as bright and brilliant as we have the ability to be? Could it have been because the people in our lives did not understand or support us? It doesn’t matter because it is your story to live, not theirs.

•  My wish for you is that this year and every after be as bright and beautiful
    as you imagine it could be.

•  Believe it can happen and that you deserve it   
•  Be aware of your thoughts. Challenge those thoughts that are habits and not true
•  Be Persistent - Giving up on your dreams is not an option
•  Be able to let go of what doesn’t serve you in a positive manner
•  Be your best and most authentic self every day in every single part of yourlife

With love, light, joy and miracles for 2016,

Posted on December 29, 2015 .